About us

Exmoor Club was created by Porlock based CultureLine Events & Publicity Ltd as part of their initiative Exmoor4all.

Visitors to Exmoor are often not aware of the many attractions and brilliant local businesses in this beautiful part of the world.  This is the reason why we started Exmoor4all where locals and visitors alike are welcome to share their photos and stories. The Club Card is hopefully an incentive to stay a bit longer on Exmoor. It also gives locals the opportunity to experience attractions in the area and benefit from supporting local businesses.

10% of all card sales flow back into the community via a special fund.  Once a year, the public will be asked via blog, Twitter and Facebook to suggest local projects or events.  We will then put these out to vote – the one with the most votes will receive the money.

We are always open for suggestions – so if there is anything you would like to see or if you have ideas for improvement of the scheme, please get in touch.


A Project by CultureLine Events & Publicity Ltd

Powered by CultureLine Events & Publicity Ltd


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